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Our team is working in partnership with Fluxergy, an irvine-based company aimed at providing a multi-modal point-of-care diagnostic analyzer, to address areas of improvement in current electrode manufacturing techniques. We aim to address these problems by developing an automated ink printer with in-situ curing capabilities.


  • Printing

    We have developed a printing device that features syringe-based extrusion, an infinite print bed, and curing capabilities for both heat and UV cured inks. These capabilities allow our device to achieve a higher throughput of prints with longer working times through a hands-off approach.

  • Coding

    Thanks to the code we are developing, once a design is modeled and sliced in Creality Slicer, any user would be able to easily configure their print file for our printer. This simple process ensures that any user could easily operate our device, allowing for more accessibility to conductive ink printing.

  • Curing

    Both UV and heat curing capabilities are integrated into our device, allowing the user to easily cure the chosen ink without hassle.

Market Strategy

Our target market comprises biosensor companies and firms engaged in electrode applications for assay development. According to Markets and Markets, the biosensor industry is projected to reach $36.7 billion by 2026, with an anticipated growth rate of 7.5%.

Meet the Team

Partnered with Fluxergy, our team includes the best of UCI's
undergraduate engineers. We are a team of five. The brightest number.